Rachel and Andrew

Every once in awhile you get to photograph a couple that doesn't let the things that don't matter affect them.  The flowers, details, weather...the only thing that matters is that they are surrounded by the people they love to celebrate their day together, no matter what.  Meet Rachel and Andrew.  On a morning where most brides would be freaking out about the rain, these two embraced it and didn't let it affect them at all.  So honored to have been a part of capturing their story. 

Dave + Logan

It's truly an honor every time I get to shoot a wedding.  This day represents SO much in the life and future of these couples, and in every case I am incredibly humbled to be given the chance to help be a part of remembering these moments for forever.  What's even more of an honor though, is when I get the opportunity to shoot friends.  Dave and Logan have been long time friends of my wife and I, and without hesitation, I said OF COURSE to shooting their big day.   It was such an amazing wedding, filled with some amazing friends and family members, tears and laughter.  I was reminded this day, that the people we surround ourselves with are what makes our life complete.  We were created to be in relationship, so to be a part of this day, to say the least, was special.  I hope you can see every emotion in these two, as their life together starts.