Bret and Janelle

Every wedding a photographer gets to shoot is special. As a wedding photographer I get the opportunity each week to capture the BIGGEST day in a couple's life.  It's kind of scary when you begin to think about the amount of pressure there is to capture a day like that as people remember it.  But there is no event I would rather be shooting than a love story.  It's incredibly humbling each time I get asked to shoot a wedding. Even to this day I wonder why people choose to put their trust in me to capture their day, but I am honored.  This wedding was special for my wife and I.  My wife has known Janelle since they were children, and I since she was 18.  I remember 6 years ago when I picked up a camera for the first time, with no idea what was ahead of me or even what I was doing with that wicked $500 DSLR, I met this 18 year old senior in high school looking to get into photography.  So naturally when the Flom's found out I was a "pro" (because I had that wicked $500 Canon Rebel XTi) they asked if I would show Janelle a few things and if I would let her come along to assist a wedding.  I think that wedding was the last time I was better than her at photography.  Well, that 18 year old went on to shoot our engagement photos and assisted shooting at our wedding, she's won many awards and been published more times than one can count.  And she keeps taking business away from me haha.  Needless to say it's been fun to see her journey as a talented photographer blossom to what it is today.  Then enter Bret.  I'm not sure God could create a more perfect match than these two.  It's been awesome getting to know Bret over these past couple of years as well, and we are excited to see their marriage grow and become the couple they were created to be.  These two are world changers.  These two have more potential than I can even comprehend and there is no doubt they will be leaders everywhere they go.  Bret and Janelle, we love you both!  To the rest of you, enjoy just a sneak peak from the day they said their vows and began this journey!


-Justin and Ally